Saturday, December 20, 2008

Next generation Hybrid SUV- VUE 2 MODE HYBRID from Saturn

Today more and more people started buying the hybrid cars since the fossil fuel cars are producing more pollution to the atmosphere. The 2009 VUE 2-Mode Hybrid SUV vehicle from Saturn is the next generation hybrid SUV. The VUE four cylinder Hybrid offers an EPA estimated 32 miles per gallon. The car is loaded with a low rolling resistance tires which significantly increases the mileage. The enhancements in the aerodynamic design of the vehicle increase the exterior look. There are two operation modes are available in the car. The car operates at first mode when the car is moving at slow speeds in city and the car operates at the second mode when it is moving fast in the highway. The car is loaded with six air bags for safety measures, a tire pressure monitor sensor, four wheel disc antilock brakes and daytime running lamps.