Friday, December 11, 2009

Cool photo effects

Adding effects to your photos are always fun but when it comes online then it is more fun. If you are interested in adding effects to your photos or create fun photos then all you have to do is just visit There are more than hundred effects that can be added to any kind of photos. Do remember to have a look at the fun photo box. Some of the effects like text photo effect, color pencil effect, color ink illustration, night shooting effect, water color, polka dots, stylized paint, dither effect, speed effect, motion blur, dreamy misty effect, trippy colors effect, puzzle effect, cool effect, dark light manipulation, warm effect, applying texture to a photo, blue print, roman fresco, old texture effect, TV scan lines, cracked wall effect, fire effect, spot light effect, light effect, soft focus, realistic painting and many such effects can be added to all type of photos. By adding such effects to the photos you can create funny pictures yourself which will add fun to the photos. Moreover by visiting the above mentioned website and using the effects on photos enables you to learn some image editing techniques. The above mentioned are only a few photo effects, there are as many. In order to get a clear idea about the photo effects simply visit the above mentioned website.


Anonymous said...

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jimdaniel said...

You can find all sorts of fun effects at